Avast now owns CCleaner after acquiring Piriform


If you have been visiting BetaNews for a while, you surely have discovered some wonderful Windows freeware from the great FileForum. Over the years, I have downloaded countless pieces of quality software there, including Avast Antivirus and Piriform CCleaner -- two essential programs.

Today, those two programs are joined together in a financial matrimony. You see, Avast announces that it has acquired Piriform. Not only does the acquired company make CCleaner, but many other solid programs too. In fact, the rest of Piriform's library -- Recuva, Speccy, and Defraggler -- are staples of the Windows freeware community.

"CCleaner is a leading brand in the market, used by 130 million people, including 15 million Android users. CCleaner has an extensive and extremely loyal community of tech-savvy users, who need to speed up and optimize their PC and Android experience. Avast will maintain the CCleaner brand of products along with Avast’s existing performance optimization products, Avast Cleanup and AVG Tune Up. With the addition of CCleaner, Avast has dramatically expanded its product offerings in the PC and smartphone optimization market reaching customers around the world who demand faster performance," says Avast.

Vince Steckler, CEO of Avast explains, "We see many commonalities between CCleaner and Avast, allowing for great new products for our user bases. Avast and CCleaner are the top two downloaded products on popular download sites. They are both known by advanced users as focused on performance, so we believe there will be a great interest from our CCleaner customers in using Avast security products and vice versa. In today's connected world, it's all about speed and high performance, and with Piriform’s robust technology we can address this need perfectly. We look forward to working with the Piriform team to grow the business together."

Whether or not this deal is good for users remains to be seen. Hopefully Avast maintains the entire Piriform library and doesn't cancel the development of any of them. The company doesn't mention any programs beyond CCleaner by name in its announcement, which isn't a particularly good sign, sadly. While just speculation by yours truly, it wouldn't be so crazy for Avast to integrate CCleaner into its security software while canceling the standalone program. Time will tell.

What do you think about this deal? Tell me in the comments below.

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