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While streaming services such as Apple Music and Spotify are all the rage nowadays, they aren't necessarily enough. Independent artists aren't always served well by the aforementioned services. A platform like SoundCloud can be preferable, allowing an artist to experiment and share songs with fans more directly. It is even a great way to discover emerging artists.

Sadly, there have been rumors for a while that SoundCloud could eventually shut down. You see, while the platform is beloved by many, it doesn't exactly generate profits. Well, those fears can be quelled for now, as SoundCloud has received an influx of cash from two investors -- "The Raine Group" and "Temasek." In other words, it can crawl out of the prematurely-dug grave. While this is great news, it doesn't guarantee the platform is destined for a long life. In addition, the current CEO of SoundCloud is stepping aside, although not leaving entirely.

"I'm excited to also announce that this new partnership also brings talent to our SoundCloud family. From prior Vimeo-fame (a platform we love!) comes Kerry Trainor and Mike Weissman, two awesome leaders who will be joining SoundCloud as CEO and COO, respectively. Wait, CEO? Am I leaving? No, absolutely not. After a decade of balancing the roles of Founder, CEO and Chairman I’m excited to hand the CEO reins over to Kerry to allow me to fully focus on the role of the Chairman and the long-term. This, I know, sets us up as an even greater team  for the decade(s) to come," says Alexander Ljung, Founder and Chairman, SoundCloud.

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Ljung further says, "10 years ago SoundCloud was just an idea Eric and I bounced around. Today it's a platform essential to the shaping of songs, artists, genres and global culture. I can't fathom how we've been so lucky as to create that. But what's even better is this: we're all just getting started. The first 10 years are done, and now we're onto decade II."

Hopefully fans of SoundCloud are letting out a collective sigh of relief today. Yeah, it might just be "kicking the can down the road," so to speak, but hey, nothing lasts forever. Enjoy it while it's here, folks, as that's really all you can do. If you've never tried the service, I suggest giving it a go. You just might discover the next big artist, such as Westside Gunn.

Photo Credit: Fer Gregory/Shutterstock

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