New tool offers developers cross-platform cloud access

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As businesses turn to the cloud they often find themselves adopting multiple different platforms to solve specific problems.

This creates a problem for developers who need to deal with multiple tools and systems. Developer services start-up Manifold is aiming to ease this issue with the launch of a new cross-platform tool.

The Manifold system allows developers to easily find, buy, and manage their favorite services -- from email to logging -- without being locked into a single cloud platform. Using Manifold, developers are no longer restricted by the confines of any particular cloud, allowing them to create stacks tailored specifically for their project needs.

"The modern development stack is complex. Until now, there has been no easy way for developers to discover and manage the mix of services needed to create modern applications without resorting to the one-size-fits-all offerings of the monoclouds," says Jevon MacDonald, CEO and co-founder of Manifold. "This has stifled developer freedom and creativity, while also limiting the opportunity for innovative service providers looking to reinvent the way we build applications. Manifold has set out to change this, by providing a simple way for the best developers to connect with their favorite service providers."

It allows users to take advantage of the growing ecosystem of independent developer services available across any cloud. It's being launched with the support of more than a dozen current developer favorites including Scout, Mailgun, LogDNA and RedisGreen. Manifold allows developers to manage all of these services from a single platform, streamlining the purchasing and management process, so they can focus on building their apps.

You can find out more on the Manifold website.

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