Google officially introduces Data Loss Prevention API

Google has just released a new API that helps organizations protect and regulate sensitive data. The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) API, which has been in beta since March, has now been unveiled, together with a couple of new features.

The features include redaction, masking and tokenization. The API can enforce the principle of least privilege, or need-to-know access to data to production applications and data workflows. Its service can work with any data source or storage system.

"Google Cloud DLP API enables our security solutions to scan and classify documents and images from multiple cloud data stores and email sources," said Sateesh Narahari, Google VP of products, managed methods.

"This allows us to offer our customers critical security features, such as classification and redaction, which are important for managing data and mitigating risk. Google’s intelligent DLP service enables us to differentiate our offerings and grow our business by delivering high quality results to our customers."

DLP API offers native support and scale for scanning large datasets in Google Cloud Storage, Datastore, and BigQuery.

The DLP API offers even more methods when it comes to transforming, securing and better understanding your data. There are features such as K-anonymity or L-Diversity techniques. Google is referring those looking to learn more to read through the how-to guides and other following documentation.

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