You can finally view your saved passwords in Chrome for Android

One of the great things about modern web browsers -- desktop and mobile variants -- is that they can store your passwords for you to save you from ever having to type them in. But this does have its drawbacks; stripped of the need to enter passwords, it's very easy to forget what they are!


The desktop version of Chrome has long given users the option to view the passwords they have saved, and now this same feature has made its way to the Android version of the browser. There's now no need to use the Google website to manage your passwords.

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The new option means that it's easy to get a reminder of a password you have saved, which can be handy if you need to access a website from a different computer for some reason. In order to take advantage of the feature you need to be signed into your Google account, and as a security measure Google also requires you to have screen lock enabled on your phone.

Then, all you need to do is tap Settings in the Chrome menu followed by Save passwords. Tap the website or account you're interested in, and then tap the eye icon to reveal the password.

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