The strangest ways of stealing data

Most data thefts are down to relatively simple techniques, like phishing, in order to get hold of login credentials. But even where systems are well protected, hackers can find ingenious ways of breaching security.

VPN advice site Top 10 VPN has compiled information from research and from real world attacks to highlight some of the more innovative ways of stealing data in an infographic.

Fairly obvious approaches include accessing IoT devices like smart coffee machines, and setting up fake access points to steal network login credentials.

More ingenious techniques include using the motion sensors of a smartphone placed close to a keyboard to collect keystrokes, and using the heat output of the CPU to collect things like passwords and short commands.

Data can also be collected using the pattern of flashes on the hard drive LED, and by varying the frequency of the cooling fan. Frankly, if you're prepared to go to some of these lengths you either have too much time on your hands, or the data must be really worth having.

You can see more about these and some other techniques in the full graphic below.

data stealing infographic

Image Credit: Stokkete / Shutterstock

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