Become your own landscape designer by using Garden Planner

If you have a large garden in need of a re-design, this can end up costing far more than you realize. Factor in a landscape designer, hiring a horticulturist and builders to lay paving flags, the costs soon add up.

You might be tempted to tackle this yourself. Problem is, you still need to hire a designer to interpret your ideas and, frankly, this might not save you much money at all.

There’s an easier way and we recently deployed Garden Planner to redesign the side and rear of our home with some rather ingenious results.

Garden Planner is a tool which should enable you to take your design ideas and interpret them on your computer screen by simply dropping in plants, fruit bushes, shrubs and vegetables from thousands of pre-defined symbols. You can then simply move items around until you are happy with the results.

If you’re interested in a huge statement piece, then Garden Planner has you covered. You can drop in a waterfall in the middle of the garden and then layout the other components around it. You’re not limited by shrubbery, either. Quickly drop in pavements, dividing walls, a shed or other components you’d expect to find in your garden. Once you’re happy, you can print off your design and present it to your other half, family or even pass it on to a designer to deploy.

Best of all, if you ever wanted to become a landscape designer, then Garden Planner enables you to achieve these goals with professional results. In theory, you could employ Garden Planner to do the hard work for you, leaving only your creative genius to create the results for your clients. Of course, if you want to give your clients a hand produced design, simply print off your new garden and use this as a basis for a sketch.

Download Garden Planner and see if it helps interpret your design.

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