Amazon to delete MP3s from its Music Storage service for some users

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Subscribers to Amazon's Music Storage service have less than a month to access their music before it is lost forever.

The company has announced that as of April 29, there will be no new subscriptions accepted for the service, and any existing subscriptions will be allowed to expire. If you do not opt to save your MP3s before this happens, you will lose access to them completely.

Amazon Music Storage service is due to shut down forever in January 2019, and if you want to retain access to your music until this date you will need to log into your account and select the "keep my songs" option.

The move should not come as a complete surprise; Amazon announced a few months ago that it planned to shutter the music service.

A help page on the Amazon site explains what is happening:

The Amazon Music Storage subscription plans (free and paid) are being retired, and new subscriptions are no longer accepted.

Effective April 29, 2018, subscription renewals will no longer be available. Current paid subscription members can upload and store up to 250,000 imported songs in supported file types while their subscription is active.

The company goes on to explain what this means for free and paid-for subscriptions:

Paid 250,000 Song Storage Plan

  • As of April 29, 2018, storage plans can no longer be renewed.
  • While your membership is active, you can continue to upload music.
  • To play or download your previously uploaded songs after your subscription expires, go to Your Amazon Music Settings and select "Keep my songs." This needs to be done before your subscription expires.
  • After your subscription expires:
    • There is no option to restart your subscription.
    • Additional music can't be uploaded.
    • All Amazon music purchases remain securely stored for free.

Free 250 Song Storage Plan

  • On December 18, 2017, the ability to upload music was removed from the Amazon Music for PC/Mac app for Free 250 Song Storage plan members.
  • To play or download your previously uploaded songs after your April 29, 2018, go to Your Amazon Music Settingsand select "Keep my songs." Otherwise, your songs will be removed from your library.

See Downloading Your Music for more information on how to download your music. This needs to be done prior to the subscription expiration.

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