System76 becomes GNOME Foundation Advisory Board member

System76 has long been a huge champion of both Linux and open source. If you aren't familiar, the company sells premium computers running the Ubuntu operating system. Recently, the company decided to create its own Ubuntu-based distro called "Pop!_OS" which uses the GNOME desktop environment.

Today, Denver, Colorado-based System76 takes its commitment to GNOME even further by becoming a Foundation Advisory Board member. It joins other respected companies on the board such as Google, Red Hat, and Canonical to name a few.

"System76's long-term ambition to see free software grow is highly commendable, and we're extremely pleased that they're coming on board to help support the Foundation and the community," says Neil McGovern, Executive Director, GNOME Foundation.

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Louisa Bisio, Marketing Director, System76 explains, "Less than a year ago, we launched Pop!_OS, and the community that's grown up around it has been fantastic and continues to evolve. We're excited to join the GNOME Foundation Advisory board and continue our engagement with the wider free software community."

System76 joining the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board is very appropriate, as the company doesn’' just use GNOME for its operating system, but it contributes back to the desktop environment too. In other words, System76 has positive influence over the future of GNOME, and its joining the board should prove quite beneficial.

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