Mailstore Home 11 offers more robust protection for your email, speeds up archive searches

German email back-up company MailStore Software GmbH has released MailStore Home 11.0 for PCs running Windows 7, 8.1 and 10. The tool makes it easy to create archives and backups of POP3, IMAP and internet mailboxes, including Gmail and Yahoo!

The program, which also works with Outlook, Thunderbird and the now-depreciated Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, gains a faster archive search tool with this new release. It also introduces a more robust recovery tool.

MailStore Home 11.0 opens with the new addition to the Search tool: the ability to search for messages by archive date, which should speed up searches by helping to narrow the search focus.

Recovery records, which are used to help piece together damaged archives, have also been separated into their own isolated container files. These contain meta-data of the messages and are updated in real-time.

The new containers mean it is now possible to rebuild a corrupt archive store database without having to export and then re-archive all the messages, speeding up the process of data recovery considerably.

Other improvements include additional hardening around the management of encryption key files -- again, helping to work around potential file system corruption.

Users also gain the ability to use TLS 1.1 and 1.2 encryption for outgoing connections when accessing servers, while telemetry data has been extended to include hardware specifications, notably RAM, disk and CPU.

A number of bugs have been fixed, all outlined the latest release notes. They include the updating of third-party libraries that resolve minor problems when archiving, exporting or displaying email.

MailStore 11.0 Home is available now as a free tool for home users, and requires Windows 7 or later. It can also be installed as a portable standalone tool. Server and Service Provider Editions are also available.

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