MariaDB launches Oracle compatible enterprise open source database

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Enterprise computing has often been reliant on proprietary database architecture, but this can be both complex and costly, putting up a barrier to innovation.

Now open source database specialist MariaDB is launching its latest enterprise offering with Oracle compatibility. This allows existing Oracle Database users to reuse existing code and established skill sets when migrating applications or deploying new ones.

MariaDB TX 3.0 introduces built-in, system-versioned tables, enabling developers to easily build temporal features into applications. This eliminates the need to manually create columns, tables and triggers in order to maintain row history, freeing DBAs to simply create new tables with system versioning or alter existing tables to add it, streamlining the process significantly. Developers can query a table with standard SQL to see what data looked like at a previous point in time, such as looking at a customer's profile history to see how preferences have changed over time.

"For years, organizations have been squeezed by the high cost of running their core business on proprietary database offerings with no easy way out. With MariaDB TX 3.0 and MariaDB Server 10.3 GA at its core, we are not only creating a streamlined way to migrate applications to MariaDB, we're pioneering a new standard for enterprise open source databases," says Max Mether, head of server product management at MariaDB Corporation. "MariaDB users can now mix and match multiple purpose-built storage engines to support a range of use cases with the best possible performance -- all at the same time and with the same familiar database."

MariaDB's architecture can be configured through pluggable purpose-built storage engines deployed on a single database on commodity hardware. This latest version includes general availability of the MyRocks and Spider storage engines. MyRocks is optimized for solid-state drives and supports write-intensive workloads such as IoT and eCommerce applications. Spider is a distributed storage engine with uses including web shopping carts and cookies for millions of website visitors that require high performance with both scalability and concurrency.

MariaDB TX 3.0 is available for download from today, from the company's website. You can also register for a free webinar on June 7 that will discuss the latest features.

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