Free Chrome extension helps internet users spot fake news

Trusted News

The rise of fake news has affected many people's faith in the internet as a reliable source. In order to help with the problem, Adblock Plus maker eyeo is launching a new browser extension called Trusted News.

Available free for Chrome browsers, the extension works by checking domains, websites, and news sources against the world's largest network of fact-checking databases.

After installing the Trusted News extension, users can navigate to websites as usual but they will now notice a green check-mark or other flags on the extension indicating the nature of the sources used by that site. Besides a green check-mark indicating trustworthiness, other flags mark sites as biased, untrustworthy, satire, clickbait, user-generated content, malicious or unknown.

The classification of each news source is taken from fact-checking organizations and stored in the MetaCert Protocol registry to provide unbiased, democratically assessed information on the integrity of each website and news source. Users of Trusted News can also contribute to the registry of sites by reporting for evaluation any news sources and other websites that they may discover.

"Fake news is profoundly affecting our society and our ability to make informed decisions as citizens. While we don’t profess to have solved the entire problem yet, we are proud to launch Trusted News as a first, humble step that we will continue to improve as it pushes beyond beta," says Till Faida, CEO of eyeo. "Trusted News is still new, but there are two secrets in the sauce. First, it is a solution for users, not an ambitious plan to reform platforms or information sources; and second, it separates the fact-checkers determining what is fake and what is not from the actual product applying the determination."

You can find out more on the Trusted News site or download the plugin from the Chrome Web Store.

16 Responses to Free Chrome extension helps internet users spot fake news

  1. Zootopiaʒooo says:

    LOLOLOL, Buzzfeed determines what's fake? That's funny, the only ones that would even post the 'fake' Trump dossier, when no other major news organization could even verify it, thus not dare even post it as news. The only reason Buzzfeed posted it is because NBC News, which had a big stake in Buzzfeed, gave them the dossier and egged them on to post it for page hits. Everyone at Morning Joe the following morning were embarrassed to even be associated with Buzzfeed. Politifact ain't much better, have you seen some of the personal Twitter and FB accounts of of their writers, not exactly unbiased, a couple that don't even try to hide their bias. Nah, I'll skip this ridiculous extension.

  2. BinBin2000 says:

    Stay away from CNN, NBC, ABC & CBS and you'll be good.

  3. TechFan says:

    Lets make this easy for everyone -
    It's all fake news, as journalism is dead, it's just about all opinion pieces, personal agenda, and multiplication. Incredibly sad. The only want that is even close to giving some truth is Fox News

    • Claudinho85 says:

      you mean the one that contradicts everything they say in comparison to what obama does and what republican president does?

      • Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

        You were probably not paying attention during the Obama years, or getting this from the far left sources that are dedicated to smear Fox, like Media Matters and their mouth pieces.

        Edit: Seeing your other comment, never mind.
        I made the mistake of giving you the benefit of doubt. You are certainly indoctrinated.

      • Claudinho85 says:

        Uhm no, i heard straight from their mouth. Thats how i was able to spot the contradictions. For example, obama was such a bad president cause he was not presidential, lmao

      • Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

        "For example, obama was such a bad president cause he was not presidential, lmao"

        That's a lie, isn't it?
        That was never said in verbatim by an official statement from Fox or Breitbart.
        I'll stick to facts.

        Fox, Breitbart and the rest of conservative/libertarian/independent media were blasted, attacked and even thuggish "organizations" were setup to attempt to discredit them, smearing them and try to destroy them (look up Media Matters for America), for the crime of .... disagreeing with and criticizing Obama.

        The same crowed today who attack Trump, his admin, his family, and even his 11 year old kid with the most vicious and disgusting tactics, said attacking Obama is unpatriotic and racist.

        Yet throwing racist and bigoted nonsense at Melania, Ivanka and even mocking the faith of vice president Mike Pence is all free speech, and "viva la resistance" and other leftist garbage like that.

        Same crowd is showing such hypocrisy and ignorance, same crowd.
        If you want to go with that, you are entitled to your opinion, but you have to understand the difference between your opinion and facts.

      • Th3Gr8G8 says:

        When did Fox News ever say that? CNN has your brain in a blender lol.

  4. MyDisqussion says:

    A. M. Rosenthal has the words "He kept the paper straight" engraved on his headstone. Unfortunately, much news today (of all stripes) has obvious bias from the reporter, turning it from a fact piece to an op-ed.

  5. Claudinho85 says:

    Just dont go on fox news or breitbart

  6. Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

    If you need someone to tell you what is fake news and what is real, then you are part of the problem.
    Who decides what is fake?
    Why not allow all news to flow freely and let the end user/audience decide?
    Instead, you have to mask this as a service "for the good of the people" and tag site/news you don't like or even block the end user from reading them, and decide what is real, from ready questionable sources like CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, ...etc.
    This is stuff that would make Joseph Goebbles, Vladimir Leninin, Mousolini, Joseph Stalin, ...etc proud. The new pravda.
    What's next? Gulags and re-education camps?Maybe mass purges of anyone the left does not like is becoming close to reality, Soviet or Maoist style.

    • TechFan says:

      While I agree, I think this has more about manipulating younger minds, molding them into followers vs thinkers so they get the votes they want in the future. While it has always been around, it is now over the top (just watch CNN), which really is starting to split the country. Even if they start every 'news story' as opinion - people will still believe and be manipulated.

      • Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

        Agreed. The left complains about totalitarian regimes, while running their playbook page by page.

      • Th3Gr8G8 says:

        Exactly! And it’s not just in the news media TechFan, it’s now all over on TV and movies (big thanks to Didney Worl), and it’s specifically targeting kids to indoctrinate them so that someday, they will blindly vote Democrat. Happening in schools too. And you get sent to the principals office or even get in detention if you wear or say something that is not PC.

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