AlgoSec launches updated security management for cloud and hybrid

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As businesses shift their systems to the cloud there is inevitably an increase in complexity that makes maintaining security more of a challenge.

Security policy management specialist AlgoSec is launching a new version of its Security Management Solution to enable policy management across clouds and software-define networks.

As well as support for a wide range of on-premise security devices, and AWS Security Groups, AlgoSec 2018.1 provides full end-to-end automaton of security policy change management processes for Microsoft Azure and Cisco ACI -- from planning, through risk and compliance checks, to deployment directly onto the device -- with zero touch.

Other new capabilities include visibility and ability to simulate the routing topology inside the cloud, and the ability to automatically deploy new rules directly onto Microsoft Azure Security Groups, as well as remove unnecessary rules. Cisco ACI users can create new contracts and filters directly on Cisco APIC.

"Today's fast paced business application changes and deployments to the cloud require organizations to be more agile than ever before. Yet this agility often comes at the expense of security and compliance," says Avishai Wool, CTO at AlgoSec. "With version 2018.1 AlgoSec delivers complete end-to-end automation of security policy change management process for cloud only as well as hybrid enterprise environments to drive agility, while ensuring security and compliance across the next generation digital enterprise."

The latest release also offers support for GDPR, enabling users to generate a GDPR compliance report for all applicable network security devices, at the click of a button. They can get an up-to-date accurate snapshot of the organization’s compliance status, with actionable recommendations for any gaps, as well as proactively assess GDPR risk and compliance for every firewall rule change, to help ensure continuous compliance.

AlgoSec Security Management Solution version 2018.1 is available from today, more information is on the company's website.

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