Google adds floating keyboard mode to Gboard for Android

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Users of Google's own Android keyboard app Gboard have a new option available to them. In an update that is rolling out, a new floating keyboard feature lets you move the location of the keyboard as you see fit.

This is not something that is unique to Gboard by any means; floating keyboards have been available in other keyboard apps for a while, so this is really just Google playing catch-up. But for existing users -- as well as those who are looking for a reason to try out Gboard for the first time -- this update is great news.

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In addition to being able to free the keyboard from its usual location at the bottom of the screen, this latest update also allows you to resize the keyboard. To switch to floating mode, you need to tap the menu at the top left corner of the keyboard -- just as when you switch Gboard to other modes.

With the Floating option selected, you can then move the keyboard around the screen by dragging it with the four arrows bulge at the bottom. To resize, simply grab the resizing handles that can be found at each of the four corners of the keyboard.

You can download Gboard from Google Play, or you can just check for updates if you're already a user.

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