New platform helps enterprises manage third-party cyber risks

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Moving to digital transformation means that companies frequently have a host of vendors, suppliers, providers, and subsidiaries, all connected to their network or data and each with the potential to publicly expose customer information, intellectual property, or heavily regulated data.

Without continuous insight into these other networks third-party risks can be hard to assess, leaving businesses open to the possibility of data breaches.


Intelligence-driven security company LookingGlass is launching a new subscription-based monitoring service. This uses threat data along with a team of expert security and intelligence analysts to mitigate risks and provide continuous visibility into potential exposure.

"When it comes to risk, companies have more than just their own perimeters to consider. Every new or existing vendor increases the possibility for exposure that could lead to a breach and impact revenue, brand, and reputation," says Eric Olson, senior vice president of product at LookingGlass Cyber Solutions. "Changing regulations that require organizations to demonstrate effective identification and management of third party relationships and associated cyber risk add even more layers of complexity to the already time-consuming task of keeping networks secure from a constant barrage of evolving inbound threats. Our Third Party Risk Monitoring service empowers security teams to effectively manage their company’s security posture by delivering the efficient, reliable analysis essential to making strategic, proactive risk management decisions."

The LookingGlass Third Party Risk Monitoring service can be delivered as a shared or hosted service via LookingGlass or from select partners in the company’s worldwide Cyber Guardian Network. It includes round-the-clock support along with on-boarding and provisioning. In addition to continuous monitoring of third parties, it also performs perpetual scanning of the surface, social, deep, and dark web for both structured and unstructured data, including phishing activity, compromised account credentials, and vulnerabilities in vendor products.

You can find out more on the LookingGlass website.

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