Enterprise IT continues to move to the cloud

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Cloud adoption in enterprises is already very high and growth is likely to continue in 2019 according to the latest cloud adoption survey from NetEnrich.

The study of IT decision makers in businesses with 500 or more employees shows 85 percent of respondents report either moderate or extensive production use of cloud infrastructure, while 80 percent say their companies have moved at least a quarter of all their applications and workloads to the public cloud.


In addition 86 percent of respondents have re-architected some or all of their applications to use cloud-native services. Benefits from these changes include a faster time-to-market for new digital products and services, reduced costs and optimized use of IT infrastructure.

Concerns surrounding moving to the cloud center on security (33 percent) and privacy (20 percent). In terms of the IT organization as a whole, security risks are the biggest concern (68 percent), but IT spend and cost overruns were a close second (59 percent).

Nearly a third (32 percent) of IT decision-makers say that a commitment to driving successful end-to-end customer engagement is IT's most important job, followed by experience deploying and integrating software (27 percent) and dedicated support (23 percent).

Shadow IT is still a major problem, the survey reveals that 20 to 40 percent of enterprise technology funding is being spent outside IT's control according to more than half of respondents. DevOps continues to gain popularity but nor many businesses have made the full transition. 23 percent of respondents say their organizations have completely switched to DevOps, while 18 percent have not made the shift at all.

"A pattern of cloud adoption, which began roughly 10 years ago, is showing no sign of slowing down. On the contrary, the cloud infrastructure and applications business has never been better, and the reason is consumer demand," says Javed Sikander, CTO at NetEnrich. "Despite the various data breaches, security missteps and occasional outages, consumers of technology services are putting more data into the cloud; they’re using more digital products and services; and they’re buying more devices that run cloud-based applications. Like other consumer activities, users clearly are saying that when it comes to the cloud, they’re willing to accept some risk. Business and IT leaders are getting the message, which explains the big jump in the amount of time and money companies are spending on cloud."

You can see the full results on the NetEnrich site.

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