New solution protects converged IT and OT environments

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The line between information technology and operational technology is an increasingly blurred one. As companies drive towards digital transformation so OT environments increasingly interconnect with IT, resulting in a complex, sensitive and vastly expanded attack surface.

This means OT security responsibility is often moving to to the CISO. Yet traditional IT security solutions lack the ability to continuously discover and assess sensitive OT assets.


Cyber exposure specialist Tenable is addressing this issue with the launch of an integrated cyber exposure solution to provide a unified view of cyber risk spanning IT and OT, from enterprise applications to industrial control systems.

Tenable Industrial Security is integrated with (previously known as SecurityCenter), this uses industry-leading Nessus scanners to gather a wealth of security-related information from IT-based assets on OT and IT networks. then combines that information with passively collected asset and vulnerability data from Industrial Security, which provides safe, reliable asset discovery and vulnerability management purpose-built for OT environments.

Designed for critical systems which require a non-intrusive approach to vulnerability management, Industrial Security is an OT-native solution and helps identify and prioritize OT risks so organizations can keep safety-critical production assets secure and fully functional. The integration of and Industrial Security provides a complete picture of IT and OT assets together, identifying exposures and vulnerabilities across the entire enterprise and helps organizations prioritize and manage cybersecurity and business risk.

"Without a single, unified view into converged IT/OT environments, CISOs are basically being asked to defend their organizations blindfolded and with one arm tied behind their backs. It's bad cyber strategy and it places the business at serious risk," says Renaud Deraison, co-founder and chief technology officer at Tenable. " is a platform used and loved by thousands of CISOs and security teams for on-premises vulnerability management and the integration with Industrial Security for comprehensive IT/OT visibility is a natural and obvious extension of our leading vulnerability management capabilities."

You can find out more on the Tenable website.

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