The source code for all of Infocom’s text adventures is now available to download from GitHub

Growing up I loved playing text adventure games, and most of my favorites came from Infocom. I was lucky in later life to write about the famed adventure company and even got to meet and interview some of the greats behind the best games.

If you’re a fan of interactive fiction and Infocom, the fantastic news is the source code for all of the company’s adventures have been uploaded to GitHub, making it possible for programmers to peruse and download the code, and even build upon it.

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There are 141 repositories in total for such classic games as Zork, Infidel, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Deadline, Enchanter, and Stationfall. Even the unfinished and unreleased James Cameron's The Abyss makes an appearance.

The code for the games has been uploaded by Jason Scott, the owner of

Gamasutra was the first to report the news and notes that the rights to the Infocom collection is still owned by Activision, so it’s possible that the archive could be pulled down at some point in the future. If you want to access the code for these great games it’s probably worth doing so swiftly, just in case.

You can browse the full collection here and find out more about Infocom here.

Did you play any Infocom games? Which were your favorites?

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