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New research from customer engagement company Freshworks reveals that 56 percent of consumers are willing to drop a brand after a single bad experience.

The survey of 3,000 individual consumers across the US, UK, Germany, France, India, and Australia, demonstrates that 69 percent have a clear preference for brands that offer proactive notifications and service.


It also reveals that 47 percent of consumers globally have higher customer service expectations from their favorite brands than they had in the last two years.

Nearly a third would also be willing to pay a premium for great service experiences. In the US, the potential cost of poor service is nearly 70 percent of consumers walking away after just one bad experience. Moreover, 60 percent of those will share their displeasure with others via all the channels available to them as they make their way out the door.

To address this the company is launching an AI-powered predictive engagement engine. This delivers insight into key conversion moments that drive sales, support and success to identify and act on customer needs and opportunities. The AI engine uses real-time behavioral data gathered by the Freshworks suite to predict which customers are most likely to close, need service or are at risk of being lost.

"Today's consumers are extremely demanding and expect a great experience based on their behavior." says David Thompson, CMO of Freshworks. "The predictive engagement engine by Freshworks helps sales personnel identify and capitalize on opportunities and enables support agents to smartly predict leads, identify frustrated customers and optimize performance."

You can find out more about the research on the Freshworks blog.

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