Automated governance platform helps businesses use data safely

Data privacy

Data privacy is a major concern for businesses, made more acute by the raft of new compliance and data protection rules appearing around the world.

Immuta is launching a platform with no-code, automated governance features that enable business analysts and data scientists to securely share and collaborate with data, dashboards, and scripts without fear of violating data policy and industry regulations.


Features include Automated Policy Inheritance which eliminates the need for human intervention to manage policies across mashed up data sources. Analysts can instantaneously and securely create integrated data sources, share derived data from them and collaborate across the organization -- confident that the proper controls are in place.

It also makes handling requests for sensitive data easier, allowing an immediate, one-time re-identification for the requested data, or elevating the request for additional scrutiny if required.

There’s a 'Fingerprint' feature too which identifies how changes to data could impact downstream users and notifies them accordingly.

"Immuta has delivered another industry first: workflow features that allow users to confidently and securely collaborate with sensitive data across their organization because they know, through the Immuta platform, that the rules will be enforced," Steve Touw, co-founder and chief technology officer at Immuta says. "They also have the freedom to make changes on the fly without any concern that privacy policies will be infringed upon. Also, if a policy needs to be changed, we've made it easy for the user to go through the workflow and adapt as needed."

You can find out more on the Immuta site and register for a live webinar
on May 15th to demonstrate the platform.

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