Google Assistant comes to Bose speakers (along with privacy concerns)

Believe it or not, Bose speakers are a bit controversial. While many consumers (including yours truly) enjoy the sound quality of Bose products, many self-proclaimed "audiophiles" tend to speak badly of the brand. The reality is, if you enjoy Bose speakers, that's all that matters -- ignore the haters.


Today, some existing Bose speakers are arguably getting even better. If you own a Bose Home Speaker 500, Bose Soundbar 500, or Bose Soundbar 700, you will get the always-listening Google Assistant functionality through a free automatic update.

In addition, Bose will be launching the small Home Speaker 300 (seen above) this summer with Google Assistant already pre-loaded. Sadly, specs of this new speaker are not yet revealed.

If you are concerned about privacy issues and don't want the search giant listening to your every word, don't worry -- you don't have to enable Google Assistant. And if you do enable it, you can always turn it off. To enable or disable Google Assistant, you would just launch the Bose Music app and go into the voice settings.

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