Security startup aims to provide better visibility into the cloud

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As businesses move more of their systems to the cloud to drive digital transformation and gain a competitive edge, IT security teams can struggle to retain the ability to secure data and manage risk.

Israeli startup Orca Security is announcing its Cloud Visibility Platform which uses patent-pending SideScanning technology to deliver comprehensive visibility into the security posture of an organization's cloud footprint in a matter of minutes.


It uses a single, simple integration into the cloud infrastructure layer to automatically assess the security state of every discovered asset throughout the entire technology stack. It takes in the entire cloud control plane, including operating systems, applications and business data.

Using read-only access with no impact on performance or availability, it delivers complete visibility into compromised resources, vulnerable software, misconfigurations and more. This allows IT security teams to do their job without the costs and organizational friction involved in deploying agents or network scanners.

"It is an almost impossible task for CISOs to answer security questions about their organizations' sprawling cloud deployments. Questions such as, 'Which servers are vulnerable, misconfigured, unpatched, or even breached?', 'Do I have neglected servers no one's maintained for months?' and 'Where is my sensitive data stored?'" says Avi Shua, CEO and co-founder of Orca Security. "But organizations shouldn’t be forced to choose between slowing down innovation and accepting unseen and unmanaged risks. We, as a security industry, can and should do better. With Orca, IT and security operations teams gain unprecedented visibility over their entire cloud footprint, allowing them to answer these and many other important questions and to be partners in innovation rather than putting the brakes on it."

The Orca Cloud Visibility Platform is currently in limited availability to qualified customers and will become generally available in late 2019. More information is on the Orca website.

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