New platform brings together technologies to improve enterprise cybersecurity

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Cybersecurity tools are often designed to work in isolation from each other and that can leave enterprise security operations fragmented as well as difficult and expensive to manage.

A new integrated platform called GreyMatter from ReliaQuest, launched today, aims to bring together technologies, processes and teams to provide greater visibility and control over enterprise security operations.

"ReliaQuest understands that a security team's strategy must deliver consistency for the business while also constantly evolving, and we are committed to providing the necessary technologies and ongoing support that our customers need to achieve that difficult balance," says Brian Murphy, CEO of ReliaQuest. "We built GreyMatter with the explicit goal of increasing the financial and operational performance of the security models that protect organizations. Enterprises require and deserve a proactive approach to security, which is why we use machine learning, actionable analytics and ongoing 24/7 enablement to serve as a force multiplier of our customers' security teams."

Features of GreyMatter include the use of over 40 open source, DHS, ISAC and commercial intelligence feeds to ensure accurate threat detection, while continuously evaluating and prioritizing sources to ensure accuracy. It provides over 600 threat detection rules across the kill chain, continuously tuned and enhanced to stay one step ahead of attackers.

GreyMatter analyzes all alerts using proven cyber analysis methodology, and streamlines data aggregation and visualization across multiple technologies. It also carries out threat hunting to investigate and take action on the specific incidents threatening customers’ business, conducted across technologies. In addition it delivers real-time insights and benchmarks to capture overall health of security operations as well as identify priorities for continuous improvement.

You can find out more on the ReliaQuest site.

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