New platform simplifies handling multi-cloud environments

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The rise of cloud adoption has led many businesses to adopt an environment where computing requirements are decoupled from storage and scale independently. But this leads to problems with accessibility and data management.

A new platform launched today by Alluxio provides improved orchestration for data engineers managing and deploying analytical and AI workloads in the cloud, particularly for hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


"With a data orchestration platform in place, a data analyst or scientist can work under the assumption that the data will be readily accessible regardless of where the data resides or the characteristics of the storage. They can focus on building data driven analytical and AI applications to create values, without worrying about the environment and vendor lock-in," says Haoyuan Li, founder and CTO of Alluxio. "These new advancements to Alluxio's data orchestration platform further cement our commitment to a cloud-native, open source approach to enabling applications to be compute, storage and cloud agnostic."

Features of Alluxio 2.0 include the ability to allows data engineers to automate data movement across storage systems based on pre-defined policies on an automated and on-going basis. Storage can be managed by moving less essential data to cheaper locations.

Data policies can be configured at any directory and folder level to streamline access of data as well as performance of workloads. Alluxio can integrate with external data sources too. There's integration with AWS Elastic Map Reduce, and open source technology RocksDB is used to manage metadata files. GRPC -- Google’s efficient version of RPC -- is used as the core transport protocol making communications more efficient.

Alluxio 2.0 is available in Community and Enterprise editions and you can find out more on the company's website.

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