Microsoft is ripping SMS Connect from Skype... Again

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Microsoft has announced that it is cutting the SMS Connect feature from Skype at the end of August.

The feature -- which makes it possible for Android users to send and receive text messages via Skype on their computers -- has been dropped in the past but made a reappearance last year. But now Microsoft is trying to push people into using the Your Phone app instead.

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Microsoft has not really given any reason for the decision to strip the feature from Skype, but in an announcement on the Skype support pages the company says: " After limited availability, we decided to remove SMS Connect functionality from Skype. SMS Connect will no longer be available after August 30th, 2019 but don't worry, you can still find all your individual SMS conversations with full history on your phone"

It goes on to say:

If you want to continue reading and replying to SMS messages from your computer and you're using Windows 10, we recommend you install and start using the Your Phone app from Microsoft. With this app, you can send and receive SMS or MMS messages, share photos between your phone and computer and more. The Your Phone app is continuing to evolve so stay tuned for more feature updates.

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