New developer program helps strengthen IoT security

IoT security

Securing Internet of Things devices is an ongoing problem for businesses, developers often have to sift through a raft of unorganized and disparate information to find the IoT security solution that works best for them.

Identity and security specialist GlobalSign is launching an IoT developer program designed specifically to assist developers with device identity integrations that strengthen security operations for IoT and industrial IoT (IIoT) ecosystems.


The program includes an IoT developer portal to provide a centralized location where developers can access all the tools they need to successfully integrate Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)-based device identity as part of their IoT security. It houses a complete set of integration tools including an SDK, client libraries, utilities, API documentation and integration guides to facilitate the process of integrating PKI-based identity in IoT devices and endpoints of all kinds.

"GlobalSign's IoT developer portal is the ideal IoT security information hub where developers can interact with our IoT Solutions Group team to develop and test their proof of concept (PoC) with free X.509 digital test certificates and get the guidance needed to successfully provision device identities. Validating a PoC using live certificates on customer's own devices makes it easy to scale into production level operations," says Nisarg Desai, director of product management, IoT at GlobalSign.

The IoT developer portal uses separate and private extranet areas for individual organizations to maintain the privacy of each project until it's completed and ready to be unveiled. By storing all the resources in one place, offering integration guidance and providing live test certificates, the IoT developer portal enables zero cost proof-of-concept for secure device identity integration.

"Increasing pressure from pending federal regulations to ensure unique device identities -- especially for industrial applications -- adds urgency to IoT security integrations. Knowing what a challenging, but critical, process of creating a secure IoT device is, we set out to make it as easy as possible for IoT developers to build, plan and test their products. We put everything in one place, so serious developers don’t have to chase what they're looking for," adds Desai. "We're one of only a handful of IoT developer portals out there, and the only one created by a CA focused on device identity and security, so we're ahead of the curve. That is an accomplishment which our customers and partners appreciate. They're using it to secure IoT devices with trusted identities, streamline IoT integrations with proven tools and methodologies, and accelerate their own products’ time to market."

You can find out more and sign up to join the program on the GlobalSign site.

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