Debian Buster-based Netrunner 19.08 'Indigo' KDE-focused Linux distro is the perfect Windows replacement

GNOME is undeniably the best desktop environment, but understandably, not everyone likes it. Hey, that's OK. Some folks like Pepsi despite Coke being, like, 1,000 times better. Such is life. Thankfully, with Linux, there are plenty of environments from which to choose, such as Xfce, Cinnamon, and KDE to name a few.

If you are a fan of KDE, or interested in sampling it for the first time, Netrunner is a Linux-based operating system you have to try. Quite frankly, this distro offers the greatest implementation of KDE Plasma. But that's not all -- it is one of the best Linux distros overall. It is chock full of useful software and is extremely polished, making it a great choice for those switching from Windows, but also, it is a solid choice for Linux experts. Today, Netrunner 19.08 "Indigo" becomes available for download.

"This time Netrunner 19.08 ships with a brand new Look and Feel called Indigo which features the identically named color as main attraction. The mixture of darker blue and lighter blue together with classic white like gray creates a pleasent to the eye look that matches the Breeze Icon theme without distracting your eyes. The new red colored cursor (RED-Theme) has a slight retro vibe to it and takes care of quickly finding the cursor on the screen and never really loose track of it. As always we provide a wonderfully drafted wallpaper which fits the overall design of the desktop," explains the development team.

Netrunner 19.08 is based on Debian 10 Buster and features Linux kernel 4.19.0~5. The default browser is Firefox-ESR 60.8.1, and Thunderbird has been updated to 60.7.2. KDE sees updates too, of course -- Plasma 5.14.5, Frameworks 5.54, and Applications 18.08.

As previously stated, Netrunner is well-known for coming with a ton of useful software pre-installed, and Indigo is no different. Creators in particular will appreciate the inclusion of GIMP, Inkscape, and Krita for making/editing/manipulating images. Despite what some people say, editing video on Linux is totally doable -- Netrunner includes the excellent Kdenlive for that task. Seriously, folks, it's really good. And yes, Microsoft's Skype is pre-loaded too.

If you would like to download the Netrunner 19.08 "Indigo" ISO, you can grab it here. I highly recommend this for those on Windows 7 that don't like Windows 10 -- don't forget, Windows 7 support ends very soon. If you do try Netrunner 19.08, please tell me your thoughts on it below.

Photo Credit:   Look Studio/Shutterstock

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