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DDoS attacks remain a major problem for businesses and can have serious consequences.

Data center services supplier US Signal is launching a new cloud-based offering. Building on the company’s partnership with Cloudflare it delivers a robust, customizable service that protects organizations against online threats including DDoS, ransomware, malicious bots and application-layer attacks.

US Signal's new Website and Application Security Solution filters unwanted or malicious traffic before it reaches a customer network. This leads to cleaner web traffic and more effective use of resources, such as internet bandwidth and server capacity, which are needed to host applications and websites. Filtering controls, such as rate limiting, help to filter out unwanted bot and malicious traffic while ensuring real users can always get to where they need to go.

"We are excited to launch our new Website and Application Security Solution today to help modern organizations protect against the latest cyber risks," says US Signal president Stephen Oyer. "This new combination of managed security services will bring enhanced cybersecurity protection and increased peace of mind to our clients. Our 2019 State of Web and DDoS Attacks survey revealed that 81 percent of organizations experienced a cyberattack on their web applications in the past two years. This demonstrates that businesses need robust, integrated and adaptable solutions to combat evolving cybersecurity threats."

The new service also offers a number of optional tools, including managed DNS, SSL/TLS, content delivery network (CDN), DNSSEC, an IP firewall, website performance optimization, edge caching, serverless application deployments and cloud load balancing.

You can find out more on the US Signal site.

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