Integration with MITRE ATT&CK framework delivers improved security skills training

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Traditional cyber security training is often based on out-of-date attack methodologies which means the skills learned quickly becoming outdated. While cybercriminals are continuously innovating, training for security professionals is lagging behind.

Skills development platform Immersive Labs has announced an integration that allows organizations to base cyber skills training on MITRE ATT&CK, meaning organizations can map and manage specific people’s skills, to actual risks.

MITRE ATT&CK is a globally-recognized knowledge base that maps attack phases against specific techniques. It's maintained by contributions from security experts and is now widely adopted by organizations looking to better understand risk, standardize terminology and to evaluate the capabilities of security technologies.

By mapping training to this framework, Immersive Labs' gamified learning environment can ensure it is always based on the techniques and tactics actually being used by adversaries. Businesses are able to look at what they're trying to protect, how they might be attacked and develop appropriate defence strategies.

James Hadley, CEO and co-founder, Immersive Labs, says, "As most CISOs and other senior security leaders will only be too aware, benchmarking the capabilities of technology is pretty straightforward, it's much harder to do against the skills of team members. By mapping skills and training to ATT&CK, organizations skill levels can be visualized in real-time, highlighting gaps or potential for increased investment and improving security teams' ability to prevent and respond to events."

The Immersive Labs platform uses real-time feeds of the latest attack techniques, hacker psychology and technological vulnerabilities to rapidly build gamified learning environments for IT and security teams. The platform can up-skill people within hours of a threat emerging and can also be used to identify and fix less immediate weaknesses in the talent pool.

You can find out more on the Immersive Labs site.

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