SD-WAN is one of the most disruptive business technologies

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Software defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is twice as disruptive as other technologies like the cloud in the latest phase of enterprise digital transformation, according to a new report looking at every next-generation solution disrupting the IT landscape for the next six to 12 months.

The study from AVANT Analytics also finds that while SD-WAN is displacing Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) in smaller companies and at the enterprise edge, both technologies are still growing at the enterprise core. In addition the average share of broadband traffic in an SD-WAN network was about 63 percent in 2018 and is projected to grow to 70 percent in 2019.


"Our goal is to provide an overview of everything that an IT decision-maker must understand to evaluate new technologies and conduct due-diligence prior to the purchase decision," says Ken Presti, research vice president of AVANT Research and Analytics. "Our 6-12 Reports will be made available through AVANT’s allied Trusted Advisors in the agent community, who will also see a summary specific to each engagement. By extending the knowledge on both sides of the table, AVANT will increase success in technology engagements and, ultimately, strengthen customer satisfaction."

The report also finds that more businesses are looking at SD-WANs as their legacy systems lead to challenges such as auto failure and redundancy (66.8 percent), simplified management (61 percent) and cost savings over MPLS (57.7 percent).

Yet, while SD-WAN is displacing legacy software, its uptake is not yet coming at the expense of legacy MPLS technology. In fact, 53 percent of billion dollar enterprises still plan to invest in MPLS, while the lower end of the market is displacing MPLS much more quickly.

"While SD-WAN adoption is booming, selecting the proper solution is a complex task," says Ian Kieninger, CEO and co-founder of AVANT. "Organizations must take the time to evaluate the applications they will need to support, as well as the security and geographic needs that must be met. This 6-12 Report will help businesses evaluate their options as they work their way through the technology planning processes and network transition."

The full report is available from the AVANT site.

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