FireMon launches security process automation


As businesses dash towards digital transformation initiatives and the cloud, the pressure to secure both systems and data becomes more intense.

One answer to this is a security automation approach that enables growth while providing visibility across all cloud environments, responding to critical incidents and protecting for governance, risk and regulation compliance.

FireMon is launching FireMon Automation, a set of policy automation management solutions designed to deliver smart security process automation regardless of use case, organization structure or compliance requirements.

It works based on the environment, workflow, governance or type of request required. Removing the conundrum of what or how much to automate, FireMon's approach enables customers to leverage existing technology investments as their infrastructure evolves, improving time-to-value and lowering the cost of ownership.

Automated change management is based on 'triggers' which can be things like security events, system changes or new services.

"FireMon Automation turns security hardware and network assets into a strategic value driver for customers. Pure automation and orchestration technology alone cannot support today’s complex business processes," says FireMon's chief product officer, Don Closser. "Customers need a comprehensive solution that addresses the need to create new value from existing technology investments and skill sets. FireMon is the first vendor that will transparently adapt and recalibrate to underlying networking, platform and infrastructure changes allowing you to stay focused on the business initiatives that matter most."

You can find out more on the FireMon site.

Photo Credit: Wright Studio/Shutterstock

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