IT teams are keen to automate identity management

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Managing user accounts involves a range of tasks from access approvals to user credentials, compliance reviews and the perennially popular password reset.

Identity management company SailPoint is releasing results of its annual Market Pulse survey which finds many IT teams don't have enough time to get everything done and are looking to automate identity tasks.

Among the findings, 85 percent of IT leaders say identity-related tasks are part of their day-to-day job and nearly 70 percent of IT leaders say they manage their identity program multiple times a week or more.

One in three IT leaders are spending at least 50 percent of their time on administrative identity tasks (including password resets and granting access to apps or data), while two out of three say managing access to applications and data consumes the majority of their identity-related time.

More than 60 percent of respondents cite the desire for automation with the aid of AI/ML technologies to help reduce time spent on some identity-related tasks. In addition two thirds say if they had more time they would reallocate resources to address new areas of risk.

Writing on the company's blog, Juliette Rizkallah, CMO of SailPoint says:

According to our findings, 85 percent of IT leaders say that identity-related tasks are part of their day-to-day job. Although high, this number makes sense, given the high volume of data, applications, and systems that come with managing credentials. Since compromised user credentials will continue to pose a huge risk to businesses, it is no wonder these leaders spend so much time managing those efforts. Furthermore, consider the amount of time needed to onboard employees securely and efficiently -- IT leaders need comprehensive visibility and control into who has access to what sensitive apps at all times.

The full survey is available on the SailPoint site.

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