Mozilla's new Lockwise app will free your passwords from your web browser

Like many users, we prefer to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox over either Edge or Safari. Problem is, if you use a third-party browser to store your logins and passwords, move to your iOS device and they aren’t stored in your keychain.

Recent iOS changes have enabled third-party password managers to be granted access to any login on your device, so for this reason Mozilla has launched Lockwise which will separate your stored Firefox passwords from your browser.

Mozilla Lockwise was launched as part of Firefox 70, but separate apps, for iOS and Android, have been made available.

These apps are incredibly simple compared to other password managers we’ve used. They simply synchronize your passwords from Firefox and then make them available -- from the app you can either copy and paste your passwords into your other browsers or choose to autofill.

With Lockwise supporting both Face ID and Touch ID, you can now automatically gain access without requiring a master password.

And that’s about it. Any regular password manager will offer you so much more. For instance, the ability to store your personal ID or your card information, which is essential for purchasing over the internet and, frankly, key information about your card. An independent password manager will generate your login data and warn you if your data has been compromised online.

With the above in mind, is it worth installing the Lockwise app? If you’re an avid Firefox user, potentially. Question is, would it replace our default password manager? Almost certainly not. 1Password for us is our goto manager and will enable cross-browser support, third-party integration within iOS and is truly multi-device. We can access our passwords on a Mac as easily as a Windows PC.

Download Mozilla Lockwise for iOS or Android.

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