Microsoft releases updated PowerToys with new PowerRename tool -- and dark mode!

PowerToys reboot

It has been a couple of months since Microsoft unleashed the first build of the Windows 10 version of PowerToys with the promise of more to come.

Now this day has arrived. Today, Microsoft has released PowerToys v0.12 which includes not only improvements to the existing utilities, but also a brand new tool in the form of PowerRename.

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There are no prizes for guessing what PowerRename does! Microsoft says simply: "If you've ever wanted to batch rename a bunch of files, this is the utility for you". Of course, the utility gives you more than just basic renaming capabilities -- you can add numbering, ignore folders, replace one word with another, and much more.

Microsoft also says:

The next big improvement is with FancyZones, a window manager that's designed to make it easy to arrange and snap windows into efficient layouts for your workflow. We made the editor multi-monitor aware, targeted globalization bugs, and corrected other high priority issues.

But it doesn't end there. With PowerToys v0.12, the company says it has also "started to add in support for Dark Mode where appropriate".

The full changelog is as follows:

New Utility:

  • PowerRename


  • Microsoft signed binaries and installer
  • Dark Mode for the Settings and for ShortcutGuide
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the PT Settings to be opened on some Windows configurations.
  • Various improvements for other UI/UX bugs.


  • Editor now supports multi-monitor
  • Hotkey to open FZ Editor is now configurable (Win+~ was unavailable on several non-US keyboards)
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing from activating zones for applications with custom title bars
  • FZ Editor can now be used on small screens
  • Improved zone activation when dragging a window, smaller zones have precedence over larger zone (community contribution)
  • Fixed a crashing bug in FZ on some localized version of Windows (community contribution)
  • Fixed bug preventing from resizing zone when zone edge is on the right or bottom screen edge
  • Fixed bug that was causing the task bar and other special system windows to be snapped into zones
  • Improved application detection for FZ history
  • Change a FZ default settings to avoid interfering with full screen applications.

You can grab the updated version of PowerToys from Github or by clicking the Check for update button in your current version of the app.

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