IBM launches mobile video streaming for business communication

IBM mobile video

With modern businesses often spread across multiple locations, effective ways of keeping in touch with a dispersed workforce are always welcome.

IBM Watson Media is launching its new IBM Video Streaming mobile application, a mobile broadcasting tool that offers enterprise businesses an end-to-end, security-rich solution for live mobile video streaming to iOS and Android devices.

This is an extension of the company's existing Enterprise Video Streaming solution, a live and on-demand streaming platform which connects global employees on desktop and laptop computers.

Using the app any employee can seamlessly create high quality, live broadcasts for global audiences straight from their mobile device. Production is quick, easy and relatively inexpensive. Businesses have complete control over video production, content, viewer authentication, encryption and data backup --  ensuring that the entire ecosystem is secure.

Executives can use one-to-many streaming to conduct informative meetings, sales teams can agree on goals remotely, and product teams can share demos across business units to enhance collaboration.

"Historically, live-streaming video has required the support of professional production teams to deliver high quality video content," says David Mowrey, vice president, product and development on the on the Watson Media blog.  "With the IBM Video Streaming app, IBM Watson Media makes it easier for companies to create and share exceptional video content on mobile devices, using it as a self-service live streaming tool without sacrificing quality. In fact, most mobile phones today can produce higher quality videos than laptop or desktop computers’ cameras, with the newest phones reaching up to 60 frames per second."

The software is available now from the Apple App Store and from Google Play.

Image credit: IBM

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