Apple refreshes its privacy portal and seeks to differentiate itself from Google, Facebook et al

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All of the big names in technology have faced questions and criticism over privacy. Apple is no different, and with an updated privacy website it seeks to distance itself from the controversy-addled likes of Facebook and Google.

The company has refreshed its privacy portal to provide a one-stop-shop for everything it feels people might want to know about the way it collects and handles data. While there are no changes to privacy policies, the updated site aims to present information in a more accessible and transparent format.

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Apple kicks things off by saying: "Privacy is a fundamental human right. At Apple, it’s also one of our core values". It then goes on to describe how several of its apps and tools -- such as Photos, Maps, Siri and Safari -- respect and protect users' privacy.

The privacy portal also contains links to detailed white papers, but it is largely an exercise in giving users access to information in an understandable form. Apple not only details what it does to help protect privacy, but also shares information about what users can do to better protect themselves and take control of their own data. While not said explicitly, there is certainly the suggestion that Apple goes further than its rivals to protect users and put them in full control.

The company lets users know how to improve privacy in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, and links to its latest transparency report for good measure. There's also Apple's latest Privacy Policy which was last updated on August 29.

Check out the refreshed site for yourself here.

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