Ubuntu Linux strangely promotes Brony culture on Twitter

I am not one to judge people. However, the whole "Brony" thing does bewilder me. If you aren't familiar, "Bronies," as they are called, are adult males that enjoy watching the TV show My Little Pony -- a cartoon designed for children. They even play with pony action figures and attend conventions where they dress up like ponies. Sadly, some of these Brony people even sexualize the cartoon ponies. It's a really disturbing community.

And so, today, I was a bit dismayed by a Tweet from the official Ubuntu Linux Twitter account. You see, on that social network, the operating system seems to be promoting Brony culture by suggesting users install a cartoon pony-related package called "ponysay."

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The developer explains the ponysay software by saying, "Ponysay displays an image of a My Little Pony pony saying a message provided by the user in a terminal, or a quote from the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (MLP:FiM). Historically ponysay was a wrapper for cowsay, but has since version 2.1 become an independent reimplementation of cowsay."

So, yeah. Of all of the snaps Ubuntu could have promoted today, it chose one that inserts Brony culture into the terminal. It is very bizarre and some Twitter users have chimed in about it. @Teco34 says "TF? Not helping the neckbeard image here at all," while another user tweets "Annnnnd I’m going back to Arch now."

What do you think about this tweet by Ubuntu? Is it disturbing? Please tell me in  the comments below.

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