Windows 10 November 2019 Update is breaking File Explorer

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Microsoft has had a pretty bad run of things recently with numerous problematic updates for Windows 10. With the November 2019 Update the spate of issues continues.

Despite the diminutive size of the Windows 10 November 2019 Update, it is still wreaking havoc for some users. The update is breaking one of the fundamental components of Windows 10, freezing File Explorer when the search box is used.

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Microsoft's community forums are filled with complaints from disgruntled users who say that if they click within File Explorer's search box, the app locks up. Sometimes the issue fixes itself after a long delay, but in other cases more drastic action is needed.

One user explains the issue they have encountered:

sometimes search box is getting totally stuck. In windows explorer (folders of window explorer process), it's not clickable at all, neither right click nor left click works, until you force restart windows explorer. That fixes it for a while, until it gets stuck again...

Others complain that the problem appears when using the search keyboard shortcut:

I have the identical issue. Ctrl+F hangs for a few seconds as well before actually being able to input text. The same goes for searching in Control Panel. It is extremely frustrating!

Other people report issues with copying, pasting and moving files and folders within Explorer.

Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the issue, and there are no known workarounds apart from either just waiting, or restarting Explorer. Writing in the Microsoft forums, independent advisor Roshan V S says: "Currently Microsoft is unaware of any issues with this update. I suggest you to open the feedback hub by pressing Win+F, and report this problem for the recognition of Microsoft developers".

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