TEAMGROUP launches T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB gaming RAM with mirror design

Are all sticks of RAM the same? No. Any seasoned system builder will tell you that opting for cheap budget memory can lead to frustrating experiences of troubleshooting errors and blue screens of death in Windows. Saving a few bucks is never worth it. Take my advice and stick to reputable companies for both RAM and power supply units -- you will be thankful you did.

With all of that said, there are many reputable companies manufacturing sticks of RAM these days, making it hard to know what to select. You probably know all the typical names, such as G.SKILL, Crucial, and HyperX, but there are other lesser-known brands you can depend on too. Case in point, TEAMGROUP -- many system builders trust its memory. Today, that company announces its latest DDR4 RAM and it is absolutely gorgeous. Called "T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB," it features customizable lighting, a mirror design, and an achievable overclock of up to 4800MHz.


"T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB Gaming Memory is the first in the industry to feature full-screen light guiding technology. After researching optical principles and characteristics of light, special designed LED lighting method and Addressable RGB LED (Addressable RGB: A single LED capable of emitting colors independently and controlling speed) are used to allow players to change the RGB lighting freely. The product’s full mirror screen is a combination of special spluttering process and full-screen light guiding technology, which is capable of directly penetrating and reflecting surrounding products," says TEAMGROUP.

The company further says, "T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB has built-in O.C Profile that allows you to enjoy the ultra-fast experience of one-click overclocking technology on either Intel or AMD platform. Supports all major brands’ lighting effect control software, so you can create the coolest lighting effect with a unique personal style. The elegant texture of the mirror design created when T-FORCE XTREEM ARGB is not illuminated and ARGB’s beauty of light penetrating when it is illuminated, are leading the trend of gaming memory perfectly."

TEAMGROUP shares specifications below.



Frequency 3200 3600 3600 4000
Data Transfer Bandwidth

25,600 MB/s

(PC4 25600)

28,800 MB/s

(PC4 28800)

28,800 MB/s

(PC4 28800)

32,000 MB/s

(PC4 32000)

Latency CL16-18-18-38
CL14-15-15-35 CL18-22-22-42 CL18-22-22-42
Voltage 1.35V 1.45V 1.35V 1.35V
Dimensions 48.7(H) x 133.7(L) x 8.1(W)mm
Warranty Lifetime warranty

When can you buy this beautiful memory? Unfortunately, that is unknown for now. TEAMGROUP doesn't share availability or pricing. More should be known when this RAM hits Amazon and Newegg soon.

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