Logitech Personal Collaboration Kits are premium webcam and headset combos

Remote work is all the rage these days. After all, some jobs can be done from home -- why waste gas and time commuting to a shared office just to sit alone in a cubicle all day? Of course, for remote working to be successful, you must have useful communication tools -- both software and hardware. For instance, Microsoft Teams and Slack are great ways to stay in touch, but what about when you need to make audio or visual calls for collaboration? For that, high-quality hardware can make all the difference.

Apparently, Logitech sees great value in combining audio and visual communication in one package. The company has launched two new hardware packages which it calls "Personal Collaboration Kits." What exactly are these kits? Quite simply, a combo consisting of a high-end headset and webcam. There are two options from which to choose, with one being given the "Pro" designation. The truth is, however, both kits would be good for either professional or home use.

"Each Personal Collaboration Kit comes with a Zone Wireless Headset and a Logitech office webcam. The Pro Personal Collaboration Kit ($399) includes the Logitech BRIO 4K webcam, while the Personal Collaboration Kit ($299) pairs the Logitech C925e webcam. Both solutions provide a streamlined video collaboration experience from any workspace, are business-certified for Microsoft Skype for Business, and work with other popular calling applications such as Zoom, and Google Voice and Hangouts Meet. Plus, the Pro Personal Collaboration Kit supports Windows Hello secure login," says Logitech.

The company further says, "Now, with Collaboration Kits, you can hold video conferences straight from your desk or personal workspace without needing to find a huddle room. Thanks to the Zone Wireless headset, you can tune out surrounding noise or hear the person on the other end more clearly with a flip-to-mute mic. Add on the BRIO 4K or C925e webcam, and videos become more focused for meetings that feel like they’re face-to-face. With business certifications included, you can also ensure compatibility and seamless integration for any of your meeting platforms, and set-up is simple with plug-and-play integration."

Which kit should you choose? Well, both come with the same premium Zone Wireless Headset, so it really just comes down to which webcam you want. My advice? If you are using Windows 10, opt for the pricier "Pro" model, as the 4K Brio webcam provides Windows Hello support, meaning it can unlock your PC with your face -- certainly worth the added $100.  The C925e is a great camera too, but it lacks the cool biometrics of the Brio, and is limited to 1080p.

The Personal Collaboration Kit can be purchased here now for $299, while the Pro variant can be purchased here for $399. Please note, by buying the bundle rather than the headset and webcam separately, you are saving about $29 -- a nice deal.

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