SuperTuxKart 1.1 is here -- download the free open source Mario Kart game clone for Linux, Windows, and Mac

There are many excellent open source software projects these days, such as the Linux kernel, GIMP, and LibreOffice to name a few. But what about games? Yes, there are open source games, one of which is SuperTuxKart. If you aren't familiar, STK is essentially an open source Mario Kart game clone. While it is very popular with Linux users, it is also available for Windows and macOS.

Today, SuperTuxKart reaches version 1.1. While it features bug fixes and other improvements, the real star of the update is the addition of a new arena called "Pumpkin Park."


"Compared to the previous release candidate, based on the feedback we received, you can now change the touchscreen controller type in race paused dialog. As previously stated, we have started the process to dual license STK to MPLv2 or any later version, and therefore we have started contacting the previous contributors as stated here. So in case you have name there make sure to check your mailbox, we look forward to your reply," says Aria Maestosa, SuperTuxKart.

Maestosa shares the significant changes below.

  • Improved online multiplayer play: Fix network lags in various scenarios when playing online and add AI support to local networking servers
  • UI enhancements
  • A new arena: Pumpkin Park
  • Mobile enhancements and iOS support (The iOS version can be tested through testflight : )
  • Complex text layout and emoji support
  • Story mode timer for speedrunners
  • Generic polish and minor improvements

Want to download the very fun SuperTuxKart 1.1? You can get it here. If you want an inexpensive controller to play it with (rather than a keyboard) you should check out this super affordable 2-pack here.

Photo credit: EQRoy /Shutterstock

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