Windows 7 is dead -- switch to the Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 4.8 NOW!

Windows 7 is dead. Well, technically it will meet its demise tomorrow. On January 14th, the wildly popular operating system reaches "End of Life" status. This means Microsoft will stop supporting it. The company obviously hopes all remaining Windows 7 users will upgrade to Windows 10, but not everyone plans to do that. While Windows 10 is actually a very good operating system, many folks are put off by the overwhelming number of updates and aggressive telemetry. Understandably, some people feel that Microsoft's data collection is tantamount to spying.

Ultimately, using Windows 7 after tomorrow is foolish. Look, you should never use an unsupported operating system -- it is simply bad practice. If you refuse to upgrade to Windows 10, your best bet is to opt for a Linux-based operating system. There are many of those from which to choose, such as Ubuntu, Mint, and Fedora to name a few. There is one such Linux distribution,  however, that is designed to run on older hardware and is focused on providing a welcoming experience to Windows 7 switchers. Called "Linux Lite," it has a user interface that will feel familiar to Windows 7 users. Today, Linux Lite 4.8 is released.

"Linux Lite 4.8 Final is now available for download and installation.We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all Windows 7 people who have come here to find a simple, fast and free alternative to Windows 7 which has reached its end of life and no longer provides security updates," says The Linux Lite developers.

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The developers further explain, "Linux Lite makes the transition to a Linux based operating system by offering a full, Microsoft compatible Office suite, familiar software like Firefox, Chrome, Teamviewer, VLC as well as full system back up tools, a comprehensive - easy to follow Help Manual to guide you on your journey, Steam so you can keep playing your Windows games and so much more familiar software. Our Desktop is laid out just like it is in Windows with a Start Menu to the left and a tray to the right with Volume, Network and Calendar options, with familiar Desktop icons that take you exactly where you want to go on your system."

The Linux Lite developers share the following features that will help those switching to Linux from Windows.

  • A Desktop, taskbar and tray that have a familiar layout.
  • You get a fully featured FREE Microsoft compatible Office Suite in the form of LibreOffice.
  • The option to run familiar software such as Steam, DropBox, Kodi, OBS Studio, Skype, Spotify, Teamviewer all from within our Lite Software application.
  • A Welcome screen that greets you at first boot and makes setting up your Linux Lite install a breeze. Just click and go.
  • A Hardware Database containing over 30,000 existing pc configurations that is searchable. Will my hardware run Linux Lite? Look here -
  • A friendly, welcoming Support Forum that will always do it's best to find you answers.
  • A massive, searchable built-in and online Help Manual that covers all aspects of setting up, troubleshooting and working with Linux Lite.
  • A bundled powerful image editor Gimp that many refer to as a Photoshop competitor FREE in Linux Lite.
  • Familiar Desktop icons that get you quickly to where you want to go.
  • And so much more.

Linux Lite 4.8 comes loaded with great software, such as:

  • Web Browser - Firefox 71.0 Quantum
  • Email Client - Thunderbird 68.2.2
  • Office Suite - LibreOffice
  • Media Player - VLC 3.0.8
  • Image Editor - Gimp 2.10.14
  • System Backup and Restore - Timeshift 19.08.1
  • File Manager - Thunar 1.6.15
  • Base: Ubuntu 18.04.3
  • Kernel: Linux 4.15.0-58

If you are ready to switch from Windows 7 to the Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 4.8, you can grab an ISO here. Please note: while the operating system is designed to run on meager computers, it is now 64-bit only. If you are running Windows 7 on a 32-bit only computer, you should probably just buy a new PC at this point. If money is tight, you can likely get a much better machine at a thrift store for under a hundred bucks. There is no reason to still be using an obsolete 32-bit computer.

56 Responses to Windows 7 is dead -- switch to the Ubuntu-based Linux Lite 4.8 NOW!

  1. anchovylover says:

    Damn Brian, yet another article full of hot button words to bring in the punters. Too many of these types of articles will harm your site in the long run.

  2. Zeitas says:

    What's wrong with windows 10?

    • MyDisqussion says:

      File explorer bugs?

    • Pecan says:

      That's a long list that's been compiled over the years. If you want the short version it boils down to being a phone OS that isn't fit for serious desktop use. 99% of people - who are mainly using mobile 'devices' or don't require much stability and control from their OS - are fine with it.

      • Matt McDonald says:

        The comment above this was deleted so I'm not sure what it said, but if you're calling Linux a "phone OS" that's the dumbest comment I've ever read in my life. Android is nothing even like Linux, it uses a HIGHLY modified kernel and runs no actual Linux applications, but more importantly, if Linux is a "phone OS," tell that to every single one of the 500 most powerful supercomputers on the planet. Because every single one of them uses Linux. Every. Single. One. Also Linux regularly outperforms Windows on numerous benchmarks, and even runs some Windows games faster than Windows can. Again, I'm not sure what you're talking about but obviously from context it seems like you called Linux a phone OS which is objectively pants-shittingly stupid

      • Mike Lukic says:

        This is talk about consumer grade Linux those "
        500 most powerful supercomputers"don't run Slako, Manjaro Puppy and likes of them.

        Just saying "Linux" without details means nothing.

      • Matt McDonald says:

        @Mike Lukic that's not exactly true. Because we're not talking about specific Linux distributions. No one is saying that Watson runs on Linux Mint. "Linux" without details absolutely does not mean nothing. Linux is a monolithic kernel, and all Linux systems share certain traits, while at the same time Linux is hands down objectively the most versatile Operating System ever created, and that much isn't even debatable. It literally runs from the tiniest IOT device up to the most powerful supercomputers ever made, the majority of the internet, to cars, to Space, to your TV and set-top boxes, to the most widely used operating system on Earth, and everything in-between.

        Saying "Linux" definitely means something, especially depending on context. There's nothing inherently different between Manjaro and the custom distributions the supercomputers run. It's still Linux. If you knew how, you could absolutely modify the kernel running on my Arch Linux desktop to run one of those supercomputers. Because they both use the Linux kernel, and that's what Linux is. I agree, in some contexts just saying "Linux" could be meaningless, namely if you're trying to apply non-desktop paradigms and standards to the desktop, but not in this one. If someone is referring to Linux as a Phone OS like all it can handle is Android (which they weren't doing, but the context was impossible to get since the previous comment was deleted, and that's irrelevant because many people do make that argument), then the fact that it can run any type of technology on earth is absolutely relevant.

      • Mike Lukic says:

        By same reasoning you could say that there's only one Windows and throw in also all MS DOS + DR DOS and likes of it all together into one Windows branch.

      • Matt McDonald says:

        No, you can't. That's not the same thing whatsoever. There are multiple versions of Windows, but they are all Windows. The analogy to THAT, would be multiple evolutionary versions of the SAME Linux distribution, such as Ubuntu. Ubuntu 20.04 would be like Windows 10, Ubuntu 18.04 would be analogous to Windows 8, 16.04 to Windows 7, so on and so forth. Windows's different versions are evolutionary, they're upgrades from previous versions. All the different Linux distributions are not that whatsoever. Different Linux distributions have their own evolutionary upgraded versions. It seems like you don't quite understand much about Linux OR Windows, from your comment.

      • 💡Thos. Edison💡 says:

        So, if you're not really sure what he's talking about, why call him "pants-shittingly stupid"?

        On a side note, most people don't give a flyin' crap what OS supercomputers run or why they run it, nor do they care about benchmarks.

      • Matt McDonald says:

        You're just genuinely incapable of actually understanding the argument someone's making instead of completely missing the point and taking down straw men, aren't you? You've shown a clear tendency for it. Like I said, since that comment originally replied to by Pecan was deleted and therefore unreadable, my response ONLY APPLIED if their comment was referring to Linux. So that's the context, if you can comprehend that. And in that context, if someone is trying to argue that Linux is just a "Phone OS," which people absolutely do try and do, especially people that don't have a clue about what Linux actually is, then the fact that Linux runs 70 percent of the internet and 100 percent of the top 500 supercomputers on earth, proves demonstrably that it's not a "phone OS." See, that's what you do. You take an argument, decide the person is arguing a different point, and then try and debate it.

        I said: "Linux is absolutely not a "phone OS" and the idea is laughable, it runs every single top 500 supercomputer on earth."

        The point you actually argued with by saying "most people don't care what OS supercomputers run or about benchmarks": "Linux is the best operating system because it runs the top 500 supercomputers in the world." I literally never said anything like that, and you're wrong. Fortunately in this case it's not a matter of opinion, you're objectively wrong. You clearly argued against a point I never made in order to attack a weaker argument that no one made. Also known as a straw man.

      • Pecan says:

        Unknot your knickers and chill. The question to which I replied was "what's wrong with windows 10" so re-read what I wrote as being about that, not Linux. I tried 10 for 18 months and it was the OS that made me finally remove the last windows computers from my companies (although we later adopted one 10 machine known as 'the problem child').

      • Matt McDonald says:

        "If you're referring to Linux as a 'Phone OS.' If you weren't, then the comment doesn't apply. Made this pretty clear.

    • RealLifeJasonBourne says:

      For most folks, nothing. For those who invest far more emotional stock in these type of things, well...who cares? :)

  3. Zeitas says:

    Windows 10 is not going to eat your children, kill your pets, or report your porn habits to the CIA. It’s a poorly designed operating system at worst. Stop drowning people in paranoia.
    a Open Source program is not necessarily better than a closed source one, just because it’s free.

    • Brendan Clarke says:

      I was forced to switch from Win10 to Linux because even 64GB of hard disk space wasn’t enough to run it and download the constant updates

      • Azmodeus says:

        This sounds fake enough to come straight from Fox news!

      • Matt McDonald says:

        I hope you're trolling. Windows literally can't run on HP Streams with 32 GB non-upgradable emmc storage, because it can't even install the first update out of the box. I've been forced to put Linux on 3 different family members' computers because it couldn't even run Windows 10. And two of those CAME with Windows 10, not 7 or 8.

      • 💡Thos. Edison💡 says:

        Forced? You and Brendan Clarke? Wow!💡

      • Matt McDonald says:

        What? What are you even talking about? Yes, I was forced, as in there was no other alternative, as in those computers literally are unable to run the very first update from microsoft "Your computer does not have enough space to install a required update." Sure, I guess I could have told my aunt, mother, and grandmother "You're on your own," and done nothing, but that would make me an awful person. But great contribution, your input is invaluable as always.

      • ghammer says:

        In keeping with the usual Linux user motto
        "I buy cheap piece of crap hardware", then whine that something doesn't run well on it.
        Did you audit the hardware >before< buying? That seems to be important to you as you claim it is a benefit to using open source material.

        Luckily, there is a moral to this story. Don't buy throwaway computing devices.

      • ebolarama says:

        Literally what are you talking about, and who are you even replying to. I got a notification that you're replying to me, so that's what I'm going to assume, however that makes zero sense. I said that I had multiple family members that bought HP Streams with Windows 10 PREINSTALLED and the machines LITERALLY COULDN'T HANDLE Windows 10. The first time there's an update, which for one of those computers was the first time they turned it on, it couldn't even install the update because there is not enough space on the drive. And this is non-upgradable emmc storage. So I had to put Linux Mint on those computers so they could actually run and receive proper security updates, and now they run perfectly with zero issues. No one ever mentioned Linux not working on computers in this comment thread here. Literally the opposite, that Windows wouldn't run on them but Linux would. Also, I literally made it extremely clear that I'M not the one that bought those computers, but rather older family members that don't know anything about computers. What the hell is even wrong with you.

      • anchovylover says:

        ...or MSNBC. They are both damaging to the U.S. as they drive division.

      • 💡Thos. Edison💡 says:

        Forced? Wow!

    • Matt McDonald says:

      You definitely have no idea what the point of Open Source Software is. It's not to be free as in cost. It's free as in freedom, and the ability to audit and modify the source code. Open Source Software IS objectively better than closed software on many fronts, especially security. That's why the US military is the single biggest customer of any one Linux distribution (as stated by the Military officer in charge of their technology and IT systems). Also Open Source doesn't even mean free as in cost. Multiple Open Source projects cost money to use. You should try knowing about a subject before mindlessly commenting nonsense on it.

      • 💡Thos. Edison💡 says:

        Most users do not have the need to modify the source-code of their operating systems...but they do want to pick up a copy of Hallmark Card Shop from Amazon and install it without jumping through hoops. As far as security goes, any one OS being more secure than the other is based on nothing more than anecdotal evidence.There are exploits for each and every OS out there - even those not used by the general public. Side Note: The Pentagon uses Windows 10 PCs along with mostly UNIX, some SELinux - and even Windows servers. There is room for everyone. 😀

      • Pyrp says:

        Just because most don't need or want to modify the source code doesn't mean they don't benefit from other being able to... Take drivers for example, in windows if i want x device to work often times i have to install driver to work with the nt kernel, in linux most of those have been added to the linux kernel already either by the manufacturer or by a kernel dev who wanted to get it working to... So on windows id have to download and install another driver to get x to work.... But on linux i just plug it in and boom it works. Also it is true that there are exploits for linux and a poorly configured linux machine is very very vulnerable, and a locked down windows machine is pretty secured, id argue that most desktop linux oses come with more secure defaults. For instance on widnows when you buy a mew computer and set it up out of the box your first account is an administrator! In linux its a standard user and to run admin tasks you need to elevate your account and type a password... In windows if you click on a link that's malicious and i get a shell with your user permissions i own your machine, on linux i only have access to user level stuff and need to find a way to escalate my privileges or crack your password.

        As a security analyst opensourse is the objectively better development paradigm, and linux is by default a more secure operating system.

  4. ziplock9000 says:

    Switch to linux and watch all your apps and games be unusable.. Great advice!

    • Shepherd Arnold Mufaro Revayi says:

      Thats not true. You can as well run windows app using Wine

      • ziplock9000 says:

        Only some apps and even less games, and the ones you can, often very buggy and slow. Not the same at all. Shite

      • Matt McDonald says:

        Um, have you actually tried this in the last year or two? I doubt it. 60 percent of the top 1000 games on Steam run with a Gold or higher performance rating. That means essentially native performance with zero tweaking. The percentage on other platforms like Origin is even higher. Every game on Origin except for Apex Legends works with 95 percent native performance (read: 135 instead of 142 fps). I can confirm this is all true for the following games:
        Battlefield 1, 4, and V
        Titanfall 1 and 2
        Borderlands 1-3
        Every Metro game
        The Witcher 1-3
        Dota 2
        League of Legends
        Resident Evil 7
        Resident Evil 2
        PlayStation Now
        Halo Master Chief Collection (Campaign only right now)
        Every Bioshock
        Every Fallout
        Doom 2016
        Every Mass Effect
        Pretty much 100% of indie games (Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, Limbo, etc)
        World of Warcraft
        All the Assassin's Creed's
        Detroit: Become Human
        Rage 2
        Every Dark Souls
        Star Wars: Jedi - Fallen Order
        Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2
        Nier Automata
        Devil May Cry 5
        Every Tomb Raider

        ...but yeah, nothing works. You don't know what you're talking about. Multiple WINDOWS ONLY games have been shown to run BETTER on Linux than on Windows especially with AMD graphics. Nier Automata and F1 2018 being two of them.

      • Shepherd Arnold Mufaro Revayi says:

        Which linux distro have you tried?

      • Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

        Such hard core rabid windows users never use anything they hate. He is copy/pasting what he reads somewhere else.

      • Pyrp says:

        Have you tried recently? Lutris makes running wine games easy, and valve have baked proton, which is their own fork of wine into the steam linux client... The only games that dont run as of right now are ones with weird DRM or anticheat solutions. The majority of games just work in linux now.

      • Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

        Careful. There are a lot of buthurt Windows blind supporters are here. They will down vote for stating facts like this.

  5. baggman744 says:

    If this goes anything like the expiration of XP did, Win 7 stragglers will hold on for some time, and remarkably, without harm.

  6. Shahriar Khazaei says:

    Linux can not compete with windows. be sure.

  7. Bill Allen says:

    So, wondering how good is the Steam compatibility with this distro, e.g. will it actually run upcoming big releases like Doom Eternal?

  8. Sudeep Kuchara says:

    Hey! I support this blog. Just install Linux.

    I use arch btw

  9. Shepherd Arnold Mufaro Revayi says:

    Switch to linux and experience a better environment

    • Zeitas says:

      Do not drown them in information, or suggest retarded implementations of things just because you’re comfortable with 6,000 terminal commands to do a simple task.

  10. JEngland says:

    Or apply the patch and get updates for 3 more years

  11. Shawn PJD says:

    Tell it like it is, no sugarcoating anymore, those days should be dead along with Windows 7. Very small portion of the market still holding progression back, let's get a move on.

  12. PartyPounder says:

    Haven't tried native Ubuntu, but have been playing with Kbuntu, Mint, and Feren - all based on Ubuntu. I'm hoping I can work out a way to do this, but I have to solve the problem of those half-dozen critical-to-my-life apps that only run on Windows. And WINE is not it.

    p.s. The advertised version of bundled LibreOffice in LinuxLite 4.8 quite behind most current. Firefox too.

  13. Pete says:

    Perhaps rename this site to 'OSWars'!

  14. peter kenth says:

    Linux lite works great on my laptop. My hp came with windows 7 and so much bloat-ware it run so slow with Linux lite the faster and better

  15. Varg i Veum says:

    Haven't tried Linux lite but can recommend the latest Feren OS with its beautifully modified KDE plasma desktop.

  16. Don't waste your time with distros that are not in the top 5-10. I installed this on my thinkpad x250 and had high cpu usage on a fresh install. Mx linux or mint xfce would be a better light weight option if you are looking for one. Even Ubuntu 19.10 runs much quieter than this trash on my thinkpad. Definitely not worth it.

  17. munkyboythethird says:

    As a long time daily Ubuntu user, I would strongly advise Windows 7 users to get Windows 10 instead.

  18. Michael Speth says:

    Linuxlite looks like a scam web site. What alerted me was the "teamsviewer" auto-installed. I wouldn't be surprised if the hacks at Linuxlite have a backdoor into all the suckers installing their ripp off OS.

    Here is some advice. Stick to the major Linux distros like Ubuntu, Centos, and Arch.

  19. 💡Thos. Edison💡 says:

    I fail to understand why you were unable to reply without including ad hominem attacks. Perhaps you could try taking off your ass-hat and reading what I wrote again. -30-

  20. angpilipinongayon says:

    You can't just switch to another OS, unless if your job on a computer is just web surfing.

  21. Rhonald says:

    If they want Windows, they should upgrade to Windows 10. Switch is not just about the OS, but the applications that are part of the ecosystem.

  22. Reagan_ConservativeUSA says:

    I doubt someone stuck using Windows 7 till today would have the guts, or the knowledge to take such a step.
    You are educating the impossible to educate.
    The kind of users who attack you, and down vote comments that have factual statements or sane advice in them. I disagreed with you a lot in the past, but you getting attacked for such advice is just ridiculous at best. Some users are unable to argue like adults.

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