Cisco launches Industrial IoT security architecture

Industrial IoT

Increasingly the boundaries between operational technology and business networks are breaking down as businesses seek access to the real time data that industrial IoT devices hold.

But that leads to increased risk to critical infrastructure as devices become more exposed. To combat these threats, Cisco is introducing an IoT security architecture that provides enhanced visibility across both IT and OT environments, and helps protect industrial processes.

Cisco Cyber Vision is a software-based security solution for the automated discovery of industrial assets delivered via Cisco's IIoT networking portfolio. It analyzes traffic from connected assets and creates segmentation policies in Cisco ISE and DNA Center to prevent lateral movement of threats across operational environments.

Cyber Vision is backed by Cisco Talos' threat intelligence, providing real-time monitoring of cyber security threats to industrial assets and processes that affect uptime, productivity, and safety.

In addition Cisco Edge Intelligence is integrated with Cisco's industrial networking and simplifies the extraction of data at the network edge. This streamlines the data delivery to multi-cloud and on-premises destinations to improve the competitiveness of an organization and help businesses better manage data throughout critical aspects of its life cycle.

"Organizations need complete visibility into the most disparate of network environments in order to secure their industrial edge, lower the risk of cyber threats, and optimize industrial processes," says Liz Centoni, senior vice president and general manager, IoT at Cisco.

You can find out more on the Cisco site.

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