Now you can get help from Google on Twitter

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Google has announced that it will now be offering customer support via Twitter.

Anyone with a problem with their smartphone is invited to tweet using the hashtag #AndroidHelp, and the company will do its best to help. The official Android Twitter account will be used to respond, and the team says it will be able to help with a range of issues.


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Google made the announcement -- funnily enough -- on Twitter. Reaction to the announcement has been broadly positive, but some people have questioned why Google has opted to use a hashtag rather than just a dedicated Twitter account.

The company said:

"Have questions related to your #Android 📱? We're here to help. Now, you can get assistance by tweeting your issue using hashtag #AndroidHelp".

A little more detail was provided in a post on Reddit in r/Android:

Announcing #AndroidHelp on Twitter

Today Google is announcing that you can get Android assistance on Twitter by tweeting your issue using the hashtag #AndroidHelp. Responses will come from the official @android Twitter handle.

With the hashtag #AndroidHelp you can get assistance with:

  • General troubleshooting
  • Identity and Authentication
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • And many other Android features

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