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Modern businesses have large numbers of documents, many of which contain information that is commercially sensitive. But poor file management, incorrect permissions and uncontrolled sharing can put that information at risk.

The unstructured nature of this data makes it notoriously difficult to keep track of. Now though California-based Concentric is launching a new solution to allow enterprises to identify and protect these documents.

The Concentric Semantic Intelligence solution uses powerful deep learning technology to autonomously develop an understanding of each document to deliver a complete, detailed and accurate risk-oriented view into business-critical information. When the solution finds at-risk files, native capabilities proactively and automatically remediate the document's risk factors to protect them effectively and efficiently.

The solution also allows IT and security teams to easily monitor data security with up-to-the-second information and powerful risk visualizations that drill down into the at-risk documents. It also integrates with major third-party security and data stores to help customers leverage the security investments they already have in place.

According to research carried out by Concentric, an average company has 9.9 million unstructured data files and nearly 15 percent of an organization's unstructured data is business critical -- meaning its distribution should be controlled. In addition over 15 percent of all business-critical files are overshared and can be seen by internal or external users who should not have access.

For firms in highly regulated sectors like finance and healthcare, the software can help them to avoid the steep fines and reputational damage that could be incurred as a result of business-critical documents being exposed.

"Businesses understand the importance of protecting their critical assets, and yet, despite their best efforts, an extreme amount of data is left unsecured, unidentified, misclassified and at risk," says Concentric CEO and co-founder, Karthik Krishnan. "Unstructured data is currently copious and dispersed, and it includes an alarming amount of business-critical information. It's a target for cybercriminals and can be a pitfall for regulatory compliance, but securing it is incredibly difficult. It's the data challenge of our digital generation that we're laser-focused on solving."

You can find out more on the Concentric site.

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