Kolude unveils KD-K1 Keyhub all-in-one Keyboard

No matter how great a computer is, if you have a bad mouse and/or keyboard, you are going to have a bad time. In the past, I have purchased cheap mice that offer phantom clicks and low-quality keyboards that don't register key-presses, and holy cow, it is extremely frustrating. I learned my lesson, and now only buy quality input devices.

As a fan of quality keyboards, it takes a lot to pique my interest, and yet, there is a new such product from a company named Kolude that has caused me some excitement. The "KD-K1 Keyhub all-in-one Keyboard," as it is called, is a combination keyboard and USB hub with an SD card reader, micro SD reader, and HDMI video port thrown in for good measure. In other words, it is sort of a docking station crammed into a thin keyboard. The keys and their layout look spectacular too. Not to mention, it is quite attractive -- looking right at home next to a Mac. It will work with Windows, desktop Linux, Android, and iOS too, however.

"We all know that Apple builds great products, but what is great can always gain from becoming excellent, which is why we built the Keyhub Keyboard -- an ultra-smart all-in-one keyboard hub that offers extra features and the chance of increasing your working or gaming productivity when using Apple devices… and for a great price! The Keyhub Keyboard is not only a very smooth, comfortable and beautifully designed keypad -- it’s also a USB Hub that will make your desktop cleaner," says Kolude.

The company further explains, "This very special keyboard hub uses the most popular and influential USB-C data port and USB-C PD charging port, compatible with 18w ~ 100w charging. It features three USB-A 3.0 and one USB-A 2.0 interfaces, supporting data transmission. The USB 3.0 is downward compatible with all USB-A 3.0 and 2.0 products, such as hard drives, dongle of 2.4G wireless mouse, among others. In terms of visuals, its HDMI 4K/30Hz compatibility with 2K, 1080P and 720P speak for itself."

Kolude shares specifications below.

The Kolude KD-K1 Keyhub all-in-one Keyboard isn't yet available for purchase, but you can back it now on Kickstarter here. It is already nearly 10 times its funding goal with more than two weeks remaining, so this should be a fairly safe one to back. Of course, you always take a risk with crowd-funding, but this keyboard is so cool, it may be worth the gamble.

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