New tool aims at improving enterprise end user experience

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The user's endpoint system is a major factor in their productivity and overall view of a system. But often IT departments have a limited view into the performance and responsiveness of these devices.

To address this, endpoint management specialist 1E is launching a digital experience monitoring and remediation tool as part of its Tachyon real-time endpoint control, self-servicing capability, and task automation platform.

With this update Tachyon now provides IT visibility into the status of remote devices across an entire organization from a single dashboard. By using synthetic 'microtransactions' (so called because they execute in milliseconds) to periodically test the impact of a load on the environment, Tachyon 5.0 identifies which processes are interfering with normal operation, and in what way.

This allows IT teams to quickly detect an array of issues -- including unresponsive devices, cyber threats, and configuration issues -- and allows them to more rapidly address these problems before they turn in to crises.

"IT teams are under tremendous pressure to support a positive employee experience in the digital workplace -- where users require choice, want to work anywhere, and do meaningful work without interruptions," says Sumir Karayi, CEO at 1E. "With Tachyon 5.0, IT teams finally have a modern management tool specifically designed to support the employee digital experience; so IT can be proactive, responsive and respected throughout the organization."

Tachyon is designed so that it can be easily deployed and integrated into the modern enterprise IT environment. It uses API first engineering principles so it can work with other platforms. It’s also designed to be extensible, so it will serve as a platform for future enhancements to the 1E product portfolio.

You can find out more on the 1E site.

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