Ubuntu Linux computer-maker System76 launches Neptune Blue, Martian Red, and Dark Matter Black Thelio colors

System76 as an organization is a hero to the Linux community. For many years, the company has sold computers running Ubuntu, lending a legitimacy to the idea of Linux on the desktop. System76 even evolved beyond just selling computers — it now makes them too. Best of all, the computers are made in the USA. The company even maintains its own Linux distribution called “POP!_OS.”

Today, the company announces a cool new configuration choice for its homemade Thelio desktop computers. No, it isn’t anything that will impact performance, but still, it is very exciting — thee new color options!

"System76 continues to push the boundaries of form and function by adding three new, hand polished wood veneer colorways to their Thelio Desktop computer line. All hand sanded, finished, and polished at their Denver, CO factory, these computers are meant to not only be powerful tools, but also beautiful additions to any workspace," says System76.

The company also says, "Made to be exceptional tools for those who need superior graphics power and versatile workhorses, the Thelio line will now be available in Neptune Blue, Martian Red, and Dark Matter Black. Already available in Walnut or Birch, the new premium colors are not only hand stained, but also hand polished, creating a uniquely beautiful finish. Customers can select these options through System76’s 'configurator' tool, which allows users to design and customize their own computers for their own unique needs."

These colors will carry a small premium based on which Thelio you choose. You can see pricing below.

  • Thelio: $59
  • Thelio Major: $79
  • Thelio Massive: $99

Carl Richell, System76 Founder and CEO, provides the following statement.

We are a building full of makers, so being able to offer three new, unique colors is an exciting step forward in that spirit. A lot of folks don’t realize that we actually manufacture every Thelio computer 100 percent in house, and that these wood veneers are all sanded, cut, stained, and polished by people who understand what hand-made quality represents.

Ready to buy your own? You can configure a Thelio with one of these new colors here. Which of the three new colors is your favorite? Would you be willing to pay a small premium for it? Please tell me in the comments below.

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