The search engine that's becoming the Google of the dark web

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If you thought that Kilos were just a metric measure of weight, then we've got news for you. It's also the name of a dark web search engine that's becoming the Google of the internet underworld.

Thought to have evolved from an earlier search engine Grams -- see what they did there? -- Kilos clearly imitates Google's look and feel. Researchers at Digital Shadows believe that since going live towards the end of 2019 Kilos has indexed more platforms and added more search functionalities than Grams ever did.

Kilos allows more specific searches, allowing users to search across the six largest dark web market places. There are advanced filtering options allow the creation of much more specific queries than Grams allowed.

Kilos dark web search

The search engine seems to be being run in a very businesslike way too. There's a CAPTCHA feature to help keep it secure and since its introduction it has implemented a number of updates and added new features and services. The search algorithm has been updated to allow for faster searches, and the advertising system has been changed to allow users to bid on listings directly. It includes its own beta Bitcoin mixer to anonymize transactions too.

There's even a direct communications feature to allow users to communicate with the site’s administrator and a live chat function so users can talk to each other.

You can find out more on the Digital Shadows blog.

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