Hackers using COVID-19 specials to drum up business on the dark web

Dark web hacker

We all know that hackers and cybercriminals are keen to cash in on any opportunity to spread their wares. Researchers at Check Point have uncovered that hackers are using COVID-19 to offer specials and discounts on the dark net.

In similar fashion to Black Friday or Cyber Monday discounts, hackers are using the coronavirus pandemic as a special promotion to sell their malicious goods to hungry cyber attackers.

Offers spotted include discounted services to hack into Facebook accounts, and toolkits to bypass Chrome security. The researchers also spotted MacBook Airs on 'corona special offer' for $390 -- presumably stolen or fake at that price.

"We've seen a substantial upswing in the number of coronavirus related domains registered in just the past few weeks," says Yaniv Balmas, head of cyber research at Check Point. "Furthermore, we are seeing hackers use the attention on COVID-19 to spread their harmful 'goods' in as many places as possible through COVID-19 specials and discounts on the dark net. The end result is more malicious tools in more wrong hands during this unique period of time, which puts us all more at security risk during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Over 16,000 new coronavirus-related domains have been registered since early January 2020. The majority of coronavirus-related domains were registered in the past three week. The number of domains registered in the past three weeks is 10 times more than the average number in previous weeks In the last week alone more than 6,000 new domains were registered -- an 85 percent increase compared to the week before.

Image credit: focuspocusltd/depositphotos.com

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